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The iPad Pro - Really?

A lot of reviews are out for the new iPad Pro. A lot of reviews ask the question “Can this replace my main computer?”


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Search, a client-based approach

Right now, serving this website executes no code on the server. Other than, you know, the web server itself. So I took a client-based search approach. It’s blazingly fast, but there’s also a few downsides. Let me elaborate.

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Jekyll against the rest of the world

Heavy with confidence, I would deposit my lumbering frame in the middle of the room. My choice to go all static had been a good one. It was quite a serene scenery—nothing could touch me.

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Apple TV in your family

For 8 1/2 years, Apple has been calling their ventures into television peripherals a hobby. That period has come to an end. With the launch of the 4th generation Apple TV, we finally got an App Store. This is what will set it apart from the competition—just not right now. Judging by the launch day apps available, it won’t take long. Quality-wise they far surpass what’s available on Android TV, which is the only competition there is after all.

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Arch Linux with Whole Disk Encryption

For some reason, it brings me great joy to reinstall fresh Linuxes on my non-Mac systems. I do that a lot. While my servers usually run Debian, my personal computers almost exclusively run Arch. Arch Linux is bleeding edge, rolling release and just awesome in general. The Arch Way requires you to do it all on your own, with the help of online resources to guide you along the way.

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