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Tobias Horvath, or not really. is published in Berlin Bear Berlin, Germany by Tobias Horvath.

Desktop apps used in the making of include Safari, Vivaldi, BBEdit, Ulysses, Bear, Terminal, Sketch, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer.

Apps that make the day worth living include Things 3, Tweetbot, Reeder.

Photos are taken on an iPhone and a Sony Alpha α7 II.

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The person

Tobias Horvath makes visual effects for a living. He’s a Flame Artist but you probably don’t know what that is.

Most of the time he finishes TV commercials but sometimes he works on things that run a bit longer. If you need help with a project and have some money to spare, he is represented through nhb berlin.

He also does web stuff. Like this website. And he write fiction but you can’t read it anywhere. It’s actually not very good.